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What Is Cost Of Repairing A Garage Door?

Our convenience stores work on all types of garage doors, regardless of their opening: sectional, roll-up, tilting, swing, side or ceiling. Doors 4U Garage Doors of all brands, with or without motorized opening.

Garage doors in aluminum, wood or PVC, our teams also work on your broken gates and portholes.


  • Is your garage door or its gate very difficult to maneuver?
  • Has your garage door been damaged?
  • Does the garage lock no longer work?
  • Is the window glass damaged?
  • Does your garage door motor make an abnormal noise?

Our Doors 4U Garage Doors repairers are experts near you. Employees of the Doors 4U Garage Doors network of craftsmen, they specialize in repairing and renovating garage doors. For example, they will know how to unlock your sectional garage door or your gate, replace the motor if necessary, change a damaged panel, or a broken window glass.

Defective or damaged garage door:

  • Competent technicians in the troubleshooting and repair of swinging , tilting, sliding garage doors... near you
  • Support for all garage door breakdowns, of all brands
  • Quick repair of your garage door
  • The possibility of making an online appointment for your garage door repair

Garage door repairs, as well as their closing systems or mechanical systems, are subjected to severe testing: bad weather, shocks, break-ins or attempted break-ins, breakdowns, wear, poor maintenance... In many cases, it is necessary to call in a professional to carry out garage door repair operations. Likewise, this locking systems pro will intervene as part of a maintenance contract, mandatory in the presence of an automatic door.

Repairing a garage door: legal obligations

A damaged garage door may no longer fulfill its function of insulating and protecting the home. In the event of a burglary, your insurer may refuse to take charge of the loss. Note however, while having a garage door in good working order is more than desirable, there is no legal obligation to have a garage door repaired .

However, for reasons of personal safety, automated garage doors must be checked twice a year (article R125-5 of the construction and housing code incorporating an order of 12 November 1990).

In fact, automatic garage doors are fitted with safety devices to avoid shearing, dragging a person, cutting, pinching or crushing. To be operational, these securities must be checked regularly. The obligation rests on the owner of the house or building, not on the tenant. A maintenance book must be completed by the technician. In the event of an accident, this notebook will be checked. Negligence on your part (maintenance contract not taken out or defective parts not changed) may involve your civil liability, or even criminal liability. When checking, the entire automatic garage door closing systemis checked: signaling, control, manual opening, chain, apron, etc. The technician notes the date and time of his visit, his observations, as well as any repairs to be carried out.

In a condominium equipped with several automatic doors, each door has its own maintenance contract. In co-ownership, the maintenance contract is signed by a simple majority vote at the annual general meeting of co-owners.

Repairing a garage door: the annual maintenance contract

The annual maintenance contract is generally taken out with the company that sold the door. The latter knows perfectly the mechanism of the garage door and the modalities to check its correct functioning. When buying an automatic garage door, it is therefore wise to ask for a quote including the supply and installation of the closing system, but also the cost of after-sales service.

You can take out a basic maintenance contract, but it is also possible to opt for very useful options, especially in the event of a defective garage door (support for parts to be repaired, day and night assistance, etc..).

Repair of a garage door: one-off intervention

For a one-off repair of a manual or automatic garage door, the prices vary according to the nature of the intervention, but also according to the geographical area and the stakeholder. It is therefore recommended to have at least 3 quotes made to compare. In the event of an automatic garage door failure, if it occurs during the warranty period, the garage door manufacturer should be contacted first. The latter will be required to repair free of charge if the deterioration occurs under normal conditions of use.

In the event of a rental, the repair of a badly damaged garage door is the owner's responsibility. However, routine maintenance, such as a lick of paint, is the tenant's responsibility.


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