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Mistakes and successes when choosing childrens bikes

Many parents are looking forward to giving the first bicycle for their children. But hitting the key and buying a suitable model is not always easy. There are mistakes and successes when choosing bicycles for children because you must take into account a good number of items in order to choose the correct model, considering both the age of the child and their size, height and build.

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It is not about opting for the most beautiful model and the one that most arouses your attention, but also the one that best adapts to the needs of your little ones so that they can control the bicycle in the simplest way.

Choosing a bike for children: age, height and size

If we talk about mistakes and successes when choosing bicycles for children, it is common that the height of the child is an inescapable issue: we choose taking into account the height of the child so that it reaches the pedals naturally and without forcing the body. This is correct and that is why there is a table of measurements that indicates the suggested size by combining the diameter of the wheels with the age and height of the child.

Although it is a good parameter to take into account, for greater precision it is also possible to measure the shot as a child because then you will have a greater probability of not making a mistake. There is a second table that considers the diameter of the wheel but in relation to age and tire, measured in centimeters. Then it is important to consider the texture of each child in particular as a table can be a guide although it does not always measure the particularities of each child.

To avoid mistakes when buying a children's bicycle, always bear in mind the weight of the bicycle because today it is possible to get very light children's bicycles thanks to the new materials with which they are manufactured. In this way, the little ones will be able to maneuver the vehicle better with little effort. If you want to read more helpful info, visit our blog page today!

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Wheels and ages

When it comes to choosing the first bike for children, the size varies between 12”, 14” and 16” wheels. In general, they are bicycles with a single speed and some come with suspension, although this is not highly recommended because, because it is a first children's bicycle, its components are of low quality so they do not achieve good results in what they propose, increasing, on the contrary, the weight of the bike.

The 20” wheeled bicycles are recommended for children between 6 and 9 years old and here we are already talking about better quality vehicles that allow them to have a real mastery of what it is to ride a bike. Then there are the 24” wheeled bicycles that reflect the growth of children, they are designed for children from 9 to 14 years old, and that is why they already have more alternatives, such as more speeds or triple chainrings. They are recommended only if your child is a fan of bicycles since many of them are designed with materials similar to those of adult bicycles and for that reason they are very expensive, an expense that may not be justified in all cases.

Frequent mistakes when buying a children's bike

Some of the mistakes when choosing children's bikes are repeated. One of the most common is buying a bike that is too big to last for many years. This results in a serious mistake because the child will not be able to control the vehicle, so riding the bike becomes unsafe. A bike that is too big is difficult to control and very uncomfortable because the child does not have the strength to maneuver it, press the brakes, etc.

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Another common mistake is choosing the cheapest model. There are bicycles that strike a balance between price and quality, look for those models that the market offers. A very cheap bicycle can be a mistake because it will be designed with poor materials that do not offer the comfort that a child needs.

If you can, avoid buying a children's bicycle in department stores. Go to a specialized bicycle store like Stead Cycles, they have staff willing to advise with professionalism. Avoid mistakes and run for the right ones when choosing bikes for children receiving information from those who know the most.


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