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How to choose a mover in Australia?

If you are going to be moving in the near future, a good way to avoid the headaches is to choose a reliable mover. Best Removalists Newcastle Given the large number of moving companies on the market, many people are wrong when it comes to choosing the best moving service.   

Every move is different. Some have heavy furniture, delicate or valuable items, boxes of different sizes and the distance can vary widely. When we analyze customer reviews, we notice that the most common complaints are hidden costs, delays, staff attitudes or unrequited breakdowns.

To avoid these problems, it is important to do a good research to find a moving company that suits your needs. Here are some tips to help you choose the best moving team:

Do not accept quotes over the phone. 

Formalize a contract. Any verbal commitment is likely to be broken.

Check that the moving company meets the requirements established by law . It should be registered and have civil liability and freight insurance. In Australia, moving companies must be registered with the Commission transport from Australia (CTA) .

Check the insurance it offers you. Some companies offer insurance for less than the actual value of the goods and charge you extra. 

Packaging. Some companies offer this service at no cost to the consumer. It is better and safer to pack your things the day before the move.

Disassembly and assembly of furniture. Disassembly is an operation which generally does not present any problems. Care should be taken when assembling the furniture. Make sure all furniture is properly installed. There are moving companies that provide this service at no additional cost.

Don't just look at the price. Removalists newcastle services they offer you for that price are important information when choosing a moving service.

Do it through the Australian Association of Movers or the Office consumer protection. In Australia, the moving company must be registered with the Commission transport from Australia (CTA).

Recommendations for an economical and safe move

Compare at least 3 different companies to get a few quotes and determine which company gives you the best service

Ideally, choose a day of the week to move. The hourly rate is higher on weekends.

Make sure the company is registered with the Commission transport from Australia (CTA) .

Check the contract to ensure that it contains the essential information (company contact details, details concerning the size and value of the goods, the hourly rate, the date of the service, an estimate of the number of hours to complete the service, the number of boxes to be moved, etc.) 

Provide the necessary information to the mover: surface area of ​​the home, floor, access to parking, elevator, etc. 

Take an inventory of your belongings. Keep a list of all items that need to be moved and those that are more fragile (electronic equipment, instruments, etc.). 

Make sure the company is insured . You can ask the company to provide you with the name of their insurance company and their policy number. You can also ask the company to explain what measures are in place in the event of loss or damage.  

Check the condition of your goods before signing the invoice . 

Ask for a receipt with the name and address of the mover, the registration number in the CTA register and taxes.


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