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Hogan Hot Water: heater, electric water heater or heat pump?

When it comes to obtaining Hogan Hot Water at home, there are different options on the market, each one with marked advantages and disadvantages, as well as a different efficiency , which will also influence our energy consumption and the monthly bill that we will pay to our energy company.

For this reason, when deciding our domestic hot water system, we must choose well between the different alternatives: heater or combustion boiler, electric water heater and DHW heat pump .

Boiler or hot water heater

Boilers and domestic hot water heaters all work in a similar way: a cold water coil passes over a flame that heats the water to the desired temperature. The difference between a boiler and a heater is that one is designed to produce hot water also for the radiator system, while the heater is only for hot water from our taps.

Its greatest advantage is that it produces hot water on demand. We can take a quiet shower without fear that it will run out or leave the next one who wants to shower or wash the dishes without water. Economically they are quite efficient systems, especially if we opt for natural gas, diesel or biomass heaters and boilers, while if we use butane gas, it is a little more expensive.

The biggest drawback is that hot water can take a little longer to come out of the tap and is a little less precise in setting the desired temperature than storage systems. In addition, a supply contract with minimum consumption, fees and maintenance is necessary if we opt for natural gas.

Electric water heater

The electric water heaters have a very simple operation : a resistance hot the cold water inside a tank that can vary in capacity. It is what is known as an accumulation system.

Its main advantage is that the water comes out hot almost immediately , and can be regulated to our liking with great precision. In addition, they are quite inexpensive and simple to install and safer than a boiler or heater, which require periodic checks.

Against, it is the most expensive Hot water systems. The same 5-minute shower with an electric water heater. And we must not forget that, being a storage system, when the hot water runs out, we must wait for it to reheat, which can take at least an hour.

ACS heat pump

ACS heat pumps seek to combine the simplicity and immediacy of electric water heaters with the energy efficiency of heaters and combustion boilers. To achieve this, it uses a heat pump (such as the one in the air conditioning ) that manages to increase its efficiency up to 360%. This makes it the most efficient system, since it only for a five-minute shower, and is as safe and comfortable as electric water heaters.

But not everything are advantages; These Air conditioning heat pump systems are still expensive (up to five times more than a simple electric water heater) and, above all, they only work well in temperate climates (above 5 ° C), so they are not a viable alternative.

Although, as always, each case is particular, we can establish a series of recommendations for general cases:

- If you have a central heating system by radiators at home , the logical thing is to also use it for hot water.

- If you don't have a central heating system , then the electric water heater can be a profitable alternative, especially if you live alone or with your partner, or if it is a second home. This avoids fixed costs.

- If you use a lot of hot water , but do not want to be aware of cylinders or have another supply contract for gas, heat pump systems pay off over time, especially if there are many of you at home.


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