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Wedding bands: the complete guide to get your purchase right

Without ceremony or with it, be it civil or religious, by the traditional rite or in a more informal wedding, the moment of the exchange of alliances is very special for the bride and groom. Wedding rings symbolize commitment and enduring love that one has. And that makes it not always easy for them to choose wedding bands. The following tips are intended to make it easier for couples to choose the rings to wear for life on their ring finger.

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Are there different types of wedding bands?

As a piece of jewelry, wedding rings can be made of very different materials, although the most common are those made with precious metals. And it is no coincidence. Beyond the comfort of design and personal taste, it is advisable to choose quality alliances. Only then will they last forever, just like the love they represent.

The quality of the rings will determine their value. A ring with a matte finish, for instance, will lose its appeal if the outer layer deteriorates over time. The same happens with rhodium-plated gold wedding rings: they will end up losing their white color with use. Therefore, it is worth investing in quality alliances.

Quality traits to consider are brightness, color, and karats.

Brightness. The natural finish of gold is brilliant. However, in recent times white gold alliances with a matte finish, or a mixture of matte and gloss, became fashionable. Any option is good, as long as the rings are of quality. If they are scratched with use, the marks will be seen more with a matte finish and will have to be polished to restore them, although they will lose the exterior bath.

Color. More and more, couples are looking for original wedding rings and here the color has a lot to say. In reality, the color of wedding rings depends on the type of alloy and the percentage of each metal that has been used in its elaboration: silver, palladium, platinum, etc. Wedding rings in rose gold, for example, contain a variable percentage of copper. But there are also white, green, blue or gray gold wedding rings. Although white or yellow gold alliances are the highest quality.

Karats. The carat is the unit of weight used to determine the purity of a precious metal: the more carats, the higher the content of the metal in the alloy. However, it is not advisable to buy alliances in 24 k gold, the purest, since gold is a very malleable material, the purer the more. Therefore, these rings tend to warp with use.

Beyond all these details, there are also alternative proposals, such as the preferred wedding rings of millennials that come out a bit out of the ordinary.

Cuts and designs in wedding rings

Wedding bands also can be distinguished by their design, more specifically by the cut. Thus, there are half-round alliances, with a domed exterior; flat, without any bulging and very similar to a ribbon; and almond shaped, which bulge both on the inside and outside, although to a lesser degree on the within.

The latter are the most comfortable, as they fit the finger better. And this is not a trivial question when choosing wedding rings. Of course, they should not be too tight or so loose that there is a risk of losing them.

One last detail: the look of the rings is often precisely the same for both members of the couple or slightly different. For example, it is very common for women to opt for somewhat more elaborate designs than men, in different shades or inlaid with precious stones. In the same way, some prefer to wear a matching wedding ring with the engagement ring.

How to choose wedding rings?

First of all, when choosing the alliance, it is advisable to see many models before deciding. In this way, we are less likely to be influenced by fashion, both in design and materials. The couple must choose with their style preferences in mind, so they won't get bored with the ring right away. If necessary, slightly different models can be purchased in terms of color or finish.

It is also important to consider the size of the hand. A very large ring on a small hand is excessive and can be uncomfortable. On the contrary, a very thin wedding band on a large hand is hardly appreciated. Once again, you have to consider the possibility of buying joint alliances instead of identical models.

One last tip. When choosing the ring measurements, make sure that the hands are not cold, nor are they swollen. If not, you run the risk of the rings becoming too tight or coming off easily. If you are going to buy alliances online, sellers always offer the facility to send your ring measurements by phone or by email.

Where to buy wedding rings

Today, you can buy wedding rings in practically any jewelry store. There are also many websites that sell wedding rings online. Argyle Diamond Investments has a jewelry section where it offers all kinds of alliances.

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How much do wedding rings cost?

First of all, the price of wedding bands depends on the materials used. The rings can be made of a wide variety of metals, from exclusive platinum to titanium or steel, two high-quality but much more affordable metals.

Also, if it's only a metal bath, the value is additionally reduced. This is the case of rhodium-plated rings, which are much cheaper compared to white gold rings. Although the value of those will vary depending on the alloy they incorporate.

On the other hand, there are gold alliances of various prices depending on its degree of purity, the most expensive being 24-karat gold. In the same way, if the rings incorporate precious stones, their cost increases, although the final price also depends on the type of setting. On the contrary, cheap gold rings are usually made of less noble materials and are plated with gold, which can be of higher or lower quality.

Finally, the price of the ring must be added to the cost of recording it. Most couples want to record the date of the marriage, the name of the loved one or a phrase with a special meaning for both of them.

We trust that these tips have helped you in choosing your wedding bands. Do not stop telling us what you think of the article and what factors you have taken into account when choosing your rings. Sure other couples like to know too.


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