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Stay in private homes when you travel

Any traveler knows Cornwall House Accommodation and they usually love it, but in this post we show you four other interesting accommodation alternatives in apartments, rooms or entire private houses. Apart from the economic advantage that these places usually have, if you like to meet people and live like a real local, it is the ideal way to travel, since you share a house with one of them, being able to see first-hand their customs, hobbies, hobbies, etc


The first of these websites is HomeAway , one of the world leaders in the rental of vacation homes. On its platform we find thousands of vacation rentals around the world described in great detail, with very careful photos and obvious quality standards . In addition, as they explain, all the ads on their platform are covered by a basic rental guarantee.

The price of its accommodation, especially compared to hotels, is usually exposed as one of its attractions.

Cornwall House Accommodation is another interesting website to find holiday apartments all over the world at a good price. On their website they boast of offering apartments and holiday homes starting at 10 euros per night and, focusing on Spain, they say they can be found from 16 euros per night .

They have, according to the data they offer, more than 350,000 holiday apartments around the world "to suit all tastes and budgets." Reservations are managed directly with the owner of the property.


 The third alternative is House Accommodation, which offers a wide selection of accommodation with an attractive value promise "Quality rooms with affordable prices for all budgets".

They say they offer authentic family homes on their platform, the owners living in the same property as the guests, and offering quality with affordable prices.

As on other platforms, guests deal directly with the hosts. In fact, the website itself invites us to find the perfect family using the different filters it offers. There are also filters, naturally, regarding the home.

Home to Go

Home to Go is a metasearch engine for holiday apartments, like a flight skyscanner but in apartments.

They advertise themselves as the world's largest search engine by comparing over 17,025,623 worldwide deals from over 1,000 vacation rental websites.

We also recommend that you read our section on essential travel tools - accommodation and hotels  where you can find more alternatives and search engine recommendations so that you can find the ideal accommodation for your trip, whatever your way and style of travel.

By the way, did you know that it is illegal to rent an apartment in New Castle?

Although the offer of exclusive apartments in the Big Apple is wide, it is only possible if what is being rented for a period of more than 30 days or is being rented is a room in an apartment where the owner lives.

Make sure before making the payment to avoid last minute surprises.

And remember that accommodation on a trip is the center of operations, it serves to rest, recharge and to plan the next day. If you have a good accommodation adapted to what you really need, your trip will be perfect. That is why from VEPS we advise you not to hesitate to use the time that is necessary until you find what you need. Now we can only tell you "have a good trip and better accommodation."


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