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Home care for dependent people: what does it consist of


More and more families are opting for home help services to care for their loved ones. Grandparents grow older and begin to suffer the ravages of age. They become dependent and are no longer able to carry out daily tasks or need special care, if they suffer from an illness or disability.

Now, is it really necessary for them to leave their home, either to live with their children or to enter a residence?

The home care for dependents emerges as a new possibility with multiple services and very beneficial to ensure a good quality of life for seniors.

aged care support

At Connect Ability, one of our main concern is to serve and care for the elderly, always adapting and personalizing our services to their needs. Your physical and emotional well-being is the engine of our caregivers.

We will tell you, in broad strokes, what are the main services you can use if you have a dependent family member.

What services includes home care for dependents

Personal care services

From a caregiver who goes to the elderly's house to help him with his personal hygiene or prepare food, to another who visits him on time to do physical therapy exercises or give him podiatric massages. It will depend, of course, on their degree of dependence.

Ultimately, professional caregivers will take care of the typical daily tasks to make life easier for the dependent person and also that of their family members.

It is very important that you know the Burnt Caregiver Syndrome. If we get stressed and we are not able to manage our emotions well, we will add it to the conversation with the elder and he will perceive it.  Learn to take care of yourself to take better care of yourself.

What do you think is the most uncomfortable and difficult moment, both for the dependent person and for their family member, that they must face during their care? The answer is bath time. You may not be very mobile and need help getting in and out of the shower, as well as reaching your back and other areas of your body.

Let yourself be helped and hire the services of professional caregivers. They are experts in home care for dependent people and they know how to make the difficult a little easier.

Apart from that, we take the opportunity to give you some advice on how to adapt the bathroom if you live with an elderly person and thus avoid falls.

elderly home care services

And we cannot ignore that, if the dependent person must follow a specific diet prescribed by a doctor, we have caregivers specialized in nutrition who will prepare menus tailored to their needs. For example, if you suffer from hypertension, your meals will not lack foods such as celery, banana or garlic.

Logistics support services

Other facilities that include home assistance for dependent people is having someone to accompany them to the doctor or to another place they need or, if they have to spend the night or several days in the hospital and their relatives cannot do it 24 hours, He will take care of them and take care of them so that they do not lack anything.

And if your loved one must take so many pills that you don't even know when or which time, consider hiring the reminder and notification service. Super useful and practical!

Physical and intellectual stimulation services

And last but not least, quite the opposite, a good professional caregiver will do everything possible to stimulate the elderly, either encouraging them to go out for a walk or simply giving them conversation so that they feel loved and heard.

You will probably spend quite a few hours together and a very close bond of trust and familiarity will develop between the caregiver and the dependent person. In home care for dependent people, it is as beneficial to apply the corresponding health care as treating them with sensitivity, respect and understanding.

Take a look at our catalog of activities and thus prevent your loved one from falling into a sedentary lifestyle, which has terrible consequences for their health.

What are the main benefits of home care for dependent people?

As you have been able to intuit throughout this article, people who receive health care at home benefit from certain privileges that others do not have, who prefer residences or choose to go live with their children or other relatives.

home care assistance

The main benefit is, without a doubt, that they have personalized professional care without leaving home. They can continue in their usual environment, where they will receive the necessary help to develop their daily routines. Thus, they have greater freedom and independence and that is highly positive for increasing their self-esteem.

It has been shown that people who are cared for in their own home have a greater ease of recovery and a longer life expectancy.

If the topic interests you and you want to receive more information about home care services for dependent people, do not hesitate to contact us. At Connect Ability we work every day to improve and contribute favorably to the quality of life for the elderly.



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