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Importance of building inspections and the things covered during inspections


Building inspections are a biannual activity for most homeowners, as they can help identify problems in the early stages before larger-scale damage occurs. Do you know what is checked in an ITE? In this article you will know.

These inspections are generally carried out by a member of the maintenance team or by the homeowner himself, but on other occasions, they need to be carried out by a professional, for example, when buying a home or considering selling it, so you can know the true value of the home, as well as any costly damage that may be hidden in plain sight.

The typical inspection of commercial buildings is done once a year and in smaller buildings, such as houses, it can be done more frequently. The party conducting the inspection documents all faults and inconsistencies and reports them to the property manager or owner for action. The interior / exterior of the building is generally inspected, as well as the building grounds. Underground garages, elevator systems, fire systems, heating and cooling systems, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, roofing, vents, laundry facilities, perimeter and outside parking, of the property are some of the items on the checklist. of the inspectors.

Over the past decade, the building inspection process has evolved dramatically. Strict government regulation dictates the policies and certification requirements of inspectors, designed primarily to minimize damage and prevent loss of human life. Many new technologies have also emerged on the market; companies are equipping their inspectors with state-of-the-art equipment that helps them provide a very comprehensive assessment at a lower cost.

One of these technologies is an infrared imaging camera. It works by detecting differences in temperature and can help diagnose problems in many areas.

The infrared camera is a change on many fronts and now building inspectors, consultants, and maintenance teams can use this tool to provide a much better service. Although certification is required to operate the camera, a building inspectors can be hired to inspect the individual areas that were identified by maintenance personnel.

Whether it's a rental building, commercial complex, or industrial unit - Every homeowner's goal is to maintain and maximize the longevity of their assets. An infrared scanner can help a business reduce capital expenditures by accurately identifying problem areas.

building inspections

Mainly a building inspection would cover:

  • Moisture detection in the building envelope
  • Flat roof leak detection
  • Concrete deficiencies / basement leak inspection
  • Windows, skylights, sun-room flaws
  • HVAC systems functionality
  • Diagnosis of electrical systems

It is very important to check the above mentioned items before buying a property or making financial commitments. A construction inspection or a pre-purchase inspection provides due diligence. The due diligence process provides business clients with all the important information they need to make informed and appropriate decisions.

The most important and basic objective of the inspection of commercial buildings is the foundation. An expert is definitely required to inspect the building's foundation and issues related to it. An inspector or an expert can recommend cost-effective but permanent solutions for your foundation and related structural issues. Commercial, home, and structural inspection services can help you avoid costly and disruptive repairs such as replacement of foundation elements, demolition, etc. They can help you with high-quality and cost-reducing engineering solutions such as wall anchors, geotechnical polymers, etc.

The main reasons for opting for a commercial building inspection are:

  1. Professional Assistance: Building inspectors have the experience to provide you with professional and accurate advice that you can trust.
  2. Avoid future risks: To avoid future risks, it is essential that you do not neglect the pre-purchase inspection and know the real condition of the building.
  3. Experience: Inspection professionals have years of experience that can help you make informed and sound decisions.
  4. Focus: These professional services are designed to focus on all value-added decisions, ensuring impartial information and without conflicts of interest.
  5. Cost reduction: It is very important to know the real condition of the building since repairs or replacements of some components in a commercial building such as HVAC, roof, foundation, etc. they can be extremely expensive.


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