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How does a Hollo Bolt work?

  In Rectangular Hollow Solid Materials (RHS) construction, the hollo bolt (TM) was developed to attach materials such as steel I-beams to this hollow but strong material. Hollo bolt fasteners are used around the world to construct multi-story buildings, bridges, overpasses, and other applications where hollow metal solids are joined. Find out more about how the hollo bolt works below. Flow drilling Flow drilling is the process of drilling a hole through hollow structural materials, such as rectangular steel tubes, without removing any of the metal. The hole is automatically sealed around its edge because it is made. A tool called a threader winds a thread around the circumference of the hole, allowing it to accept a standard threaded stud as a fastener. The Hollo Bolt The Hollo-Bolt assembly has 3 parts, the cone, the body and therefore the threaded bolt. It is pre-assembled and comes during a wide selection of sizes for various fastening requirements. The Hollo Bolt is made of mild

Importance of building inspections and the things covered during inspections

  Building inspections are a biannual activity for most homeowners, as they can help identify problems in the early stages before larger-scale damage occurs. Do you know what is checked in an ITE? In this article you will know. These inspections are generally carried out by a member of the maintenance team or by the homeowner himself, but on other occasions, they need to be carried out by a professional, for example, when buying a home or considering selling it, so you can know the true value of the home, as well as any costly damage that may be hidden in plain sight. The typical inspection of commercial buildings is done once a year and in smaller buildings, such as houses, it can be done more frequently. The party conducting the inspection documents all faults and inconsistencies and reports them to the property manager or owner for action. The interior / exterior of the building is generally inspected, as well as the building grounds. Underground garages, elevator systems, fire syst

Clean gutters: essential tips to follow

The main elements to be used in a gutter cleaning in the various houses in Australia are: Gloves - Help because they not only keep your hands clean, but they also protect against metal parts and screws in the gutters. Trowel or Shovel - Again, these tools save your hands from dirt and injury, but they also speed up cleanup as you can only pick and dump. Ladder - Some experienced gutter cleaners recommend using a tall ladder for stability rather than an extension ladder. Having someone stable deep down is also a good idea. Rake/ Broom : leaves and debris should be raked and removed, even on the roof, so that the rain does not push further into the gutters. Why are your outdoor channels so important? Its gutters are designed to collect water from the roof and carry it to the foundation of your home. It is absolutely necessary that the gutters are clear for them to do this task! Otherwise, the water will continue to rise, and ultimately you will have to overflow the foundation of your