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When you are going to proceed to a change of address, it is necessary to take most of the belongings to the new home or office. This means that having the right moving transport vehicles is a priority, especially if the move is done yourself.

Let's say a homeowner move adds more stress to the procedure because it is not easy to get organized without being a professional in the industry, as well as having to deal with wrapping, protecting, and Furniture movers  all the moving boxes and other packages.

It is not easy to leave everything so well placed so that something does not break, a piece of furniture is damaged, or an item that was "perfectly" stored is not found.


Using the tourism that everyone normally has, for these purposes does not seem the most appropriate because it is not prepared for this. It does not have anchors for heavy objects, nor space to put large things.Not to mention safety during the tour; It should not be forgotten that untied objects become projectiles in the event of a braking or accident.

Another thing to keep in mind is that putting certain delicate objects in a normal car usually has catastrophic effects for both of you.In addition, if you want to move Furniture movers or large objects that cannot be disassembled, they will have to be left at the place of origin .

Choosing a vehicle for the moveit requires knowing the terrain you are treading. Many times it will be necessary, at least, a medium or large size van , even, depending on the volume of the objects, it will be necessary to have a truck.

But you can rent a van or van as long as it complies with traffic regulations to move belongings from one home to another and thus the space is multiplied and security measures improve.But here, factors that were unknown or imponderable began to intervene due to any matter related or not to the move .

The first thing to do when we get to the car rental company is to talk to someone responsible and tell them what the means of transport is needed for in case it is necessary to expand the insurance clauses that all businesses dedicated to this have in itself. affair.It is not necessary to make the transfer in a single day; it is better to spend a little money on the rental of transport and have it more days, than to rush to finish too fast and have an unpleasant experience in the end.

The driver must be cautious , nothing to sprinting or braking because it can be dangerous, broken Furniture movers, etc. Going slowly and with good handwriting is inexcusable. For a proper move the last thing you need is a rush.Avoiding theft is important when loading and unloading ; always leaving a person in the truck or van used is a good precaution. In addition, it can order the utensils inside the vehicle.

If there are many large objects it may not be worth a van and you will need to rent a truck for the move but here it must be taken into account that a class B driving license only allows vehicles of up to 3,500 to be carried.

If a larger truck is necessary, it is not available and it is necessary to rent it, it is convenient to know if it can be done with a driver and to budget the cost of the vehicle with gasoline and other accessories that may be necessary .

Let us remember that a driver who has driving license B cannot handle more than vehicles that do not exceed 3,500 kg in weight or carry a trailer of less than 750 kg as long as the set does not exceed 4,250 kg .This means that the options are limited and if the conditions of the move require it, the truck will be necessary.

The way to distribute the load in the Furniture movers transport vehicle is key if we want everything to arrive correctly and without incident:First, it is convenient to place the heaviest boxes that will act as a stop to protect the furniture that will be in the middle.Then come the furniture and other heavy belongings.

The appliances will be left for last, filling in the excess space with bags and small boxes. Lamps, mirrors and display cabinets should go to the sides of the moving vehicle.Finally, it is necessary to use ropes, octopuses or cables to secure the belongings, preventing them from moving.


We have already said that sometimes it is better to pay a little more and hire a moving company than to get involved in a matter like this, especially if you do not have experience and the stress can overcome us.And this is even more important when the move is from a business to a new enclave. Having an office moving company will avoid many headaches, with computers, tables, devices, cables, desk objects, etc.

But if what you want is to rent a transport for the move , you have to plan well the days that it will be needed, the schedules, fuel, trips to be made and other considerations that arise.According to the budget we have for the vehicle, it will be necessary to calculate the volume of goods to be transported as accurately as possible .

This is important because hiring a Furniture movers with less load capacity than necessary may be insufficient even if you have to make more trips, because many times there are items that take up considerable space and that will not fit in any van, for example.

It is also not good to overdo this, because then the money invested in this task may be necessary for other projects related to the new home or office.In any case, car rental companies have experience because there are alwaysIndividuals who make the move on their own and will surely advise on the most convenient means of transport for these cases.

And don't forget, Mapiser is a Furniture movers company in Zaragoza that will free you from the burden of a private move. Our professionals have been in this business for more than 20 years. Get in touch with us and we will surely solve the problems


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