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Due to the development of renewable energies in our country, the information on solar energy has grown a lot and can lead to confusion. In the following article we show some of the myths of this sector so that you can really know all the advantages that an installation of this type can offer you.

MYTH # 1: Solar panels are expensive

Depending on how it has evolved, with the increased use of more sustainable energy in society, and with more companies with new technologies, it causes the prices of solar energy and solar panels to drop considerably. In this case, solar panels are not the most expensive items. In Autosolar you can find panels of different types and prices, depending on their power and size , that you can finance the installation for up to 18 months without interest .

At Autosolar we offer a wide variety of solar energy . You can access our solar panels section to see cost examples of our photovoltaic modules and check that solar panels are not expensive.

MYTH # 2: Solar panels only work in areas with a lot of direct light and heat

The fact that it is not geographically located in an area with higher temperatures does not mean that it is not recommended to install solar panels . Obviously the longer the daylight hours will be better, but due to the technology of monocrystalline solar panels, you can enjoy solar energy in those areas where there may be less sun rays, or the days are more cloudy than other geographical areas. In addition, we recommend it in cities in the North of Spain, and they will not be less efficient in higher temperature areas. Because being able to use the same surface we will obtain a greater power due to the efficiency of its cells.

MYTH # 3: Solar panels need a lot of care

We will only have to take care of cleaning our plates sometime . Cleaning will be done with a cloth, soap and water. Where there is usually snowfall, we will not have to pay much attention, since the same inclination of the plates makes the snow slide. In case the facility is difficult to access, you can choose to hire the services of a cleaning professional.

At all times we can analyze and observe the efficiency of our solar energy with the help of the monitoring equipment included in certain equipment.

MYTH # 4: You can't supply a 100% home with just solar energy

Today we have the privilege of being able to run entire plants and industrial buildings only with photovoltaic equipment. Therefore, it will be easy to see that in our home we can use electronic devices or light bulbs using solar energy . In the electricity bill (Consumption in kW) we will detail which kit is necessary to satisfy the consumption that we have at home and also according to what hours we will have connected the different electronic devices of the house (coffee maker, fan, refrigerator, blender, etc. ).

For this reason, we have created a solar kits calculator that makes it easier to calculate consumption and to recommend the best solar energy kit that suits what you need most.

MYTH No. 5: To amortize the solar installation of your home it will take many years

Taking as an example companies whose consumptions are made in sunny hours, the profitability of this installation will be given in advance around the first 5 years, and in normal homes this could last a little longer. The way we use that energy and the correct installation of our panels are important factors to take into account to establish better efficiency and profitability .

The calculation of solar energy that we are going to have in our installation is a very important point when calculating the profitability of it . That our installation has the optimal amount of solar panels , will allow us to save up to 60% of the total of our electricity bill . It is important to indicate that the amount of solar panels we have will determine the energy capacity of our self-consumption installation.

What number of solar panels do I need for my installation?

If we want our installation to have the optimal number of solar panels , we must know that we have to take into account the characteristics of the panel that we are going to install, and the characteristics of our home . For example, for self-consumption installation in a single-family home, 3 photovoltaic solar panels of 320W power are usually needed for every 2000 kWh of annual expenditure.

Important points of solar panels

The amount of kilowatts that a solar energy is capable of supplying varies depending on the model we select. This will be determined by the following values ​​of the same:

Power . This is one of the most determining points, since the power will tell us what is the amount of electrical energy that the panel will be able to produce through the energy of the sun . If we want to know the amount of kW that our panels will be able to produce, we must use the following formula[Theoretical_power × No._panels × HSP ×%].

Quality and performance . Another important point is the quality of the materials that we are going to install. It is evident that a better quality will normally have a higher price, although in return we will increase the useful life of our products and their performance. In our experience, buying top-quality or high-end products can represent durability of even more than 30 years, and up to 25% greater performance than cheaper products.

Orientation and inclination. An installation in optimal conditions of inclination and orientation will be more profitable than one that is not. Regarding inclination, the problem is that the optimum is variable depending on the angle at which the sun is shining, which is around 50 ° inclination in winter and 10 ° in summer. Modifying the angle of the panel every month is in most cases very complicated. Therefore, we must calculate the optimal position for the entire year, which is approximately 34.5 °.

In reference to the orientation of our photovoltaic solar panel , it will also greatly affect the performance of our installation. The orientation that will offer the greatest profitability is the south orientation for the vast majority of sites.

Panel type . The monocrystalline solar panel is the one with the most optimal technology for generating energy for self-consumption. There are also other types of solar energy such as polycrystalline, which are cheaper, although they also yield less.

Geographical situation . As we already know, depending on the region of Spain in which we have our installation located, we will receive one solar irradiation or another, which directly affects the amount of energy produced by our panels. As a guide, we will say that an installation located in the north of Spain can generate up to 25% less than one located in the south of our country.

Determinants of housing

Another determining factor when calculating the size of a photovoltaic solar installation is the type of home we have and its characteristics.

Roof size . A 320 W panel has an area of ​​around 1.5 m², so we must take into account what is the available surface on our roof for our installation , since in many cases we find space limitations. For these installations, we recommend the installation of high-end solar panels , since they will give us greater performance and we will need fewer panels to obtain the same amount of resulting energy.

Electric consumption . Depending on the volume of energy we consume, we will need a number of solar panels or another. During the hottest months and with more hours of sunshine, the performance of the facilities is greater, so during these months we will have  solar energy greater savings. The boiler that we have in our home is also important, as it will have a direct impact on the amount of energy consumed, increasing savings in homes with aerothermal boilers or those with electrical power.

Hours at home . The amount of solar energy that we consume and the hours in which we do it, will specify the amount of energy that we are going to pour into the grid, and the amount that we allocate for our own consumption.


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