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When you think of beautiful colored diamonds , what do you think of first? If you are like most people, I am pretty sure that you are willing to consider the vibrant pink diamonds and the beautiful hues they display.Although diamonds can exist in almost any color imaginable, Pink diamond have some very special things that make them stand out and are extremely popular . There is no doubt that pink diamonds usually become the focus of breaking auction records .

In today's blog post, I will talk about a very professional niche market in the industry-Argyle pink diamond tenders.

Where do natural pink diamonds come from?

The vast majority of natural Pink diamond come from Rio Tinto’s Argyle diamond mine in Australia.Here is an interesting fact: Although the Argyle mine is one of the largest producers in the world, most rough diamonds do not meet gem quality standards.

Argyle mine really push to get international recognition may be in its annual production of the special red diamond powder small amount of natural treasure. The Argyle mine itself accounts for 90% of the global supply . Do you know how rare these diamonds are.

Through careful branding and marketing activities, the Argyle mine has become one of the most coveted sources of pink diamonds. Each Argyle diamond has its own Argyle certificate and unique Argyle laser engraving that can be found on the diamond's belt.

Because the demand for these diamonds is so great, the prices are often unbelievable.Sales channel for precious pink diamonds – Argyle tenders

Argyle mine sells its pink products to Pink diamond and jewelry companies around the world, but leaves their best diamonds to an exclusive annual bidding event. Every year, the Argyle mine proudly hosts pink diamond tenders , where they showcase the best diamonds they have found.

The 2016 diamond tender included some of the rarest diamonds Argyle has ever offered in its history. It is called the " Chroma Collection " and has 63 diamonds. Although the annual event is called a pink diamond tender, pink diamonds are not the only color on display.

Some of the rarest diamonds in this year’s collection are Argyle Violet, which weighs 2.83 carats. This is one of the largest diamonds sold in this exclusive tender. Another notable diamond is Argyle Ultra, which weighs 1.11 carats and has a violet color.The 2016 Argyle tender also included four red diamonds. Argyle Aria is a huge 1.09 carat fancy red oval diamond. Finally, they also provided the first internally flawless Argyle Tender diamond in more than 20 years !

The following is the working principle of Argyle bidding. Unlike other auctions, bidders do not know how many others bid on the same diamond. Bidders can only submit one-time bids , and the bidder who offers the highest bid is the winner.

Demand for Argyle diamonds

Pink diamonds are in the highest demand period. Since Argyle's surface mining operations ceased and began to develop underground mining projects, these special diamonds have become scarcer than ever .

It was not until 2015 that the expansion of the $2.2 billion Argyle underground project was completed, extending the life of the mine. Even so, this ongoing mining project can only be opened in 2020. In addition, we expect that as demand increases, the supply of Pink diamond will drop significantly .

Where to buy Argyle pink diamonds?

Needless to say, you cannot find Argyle diamonds in any jewelry store, and you cannot let any jeweler find tender diamonds. Given the extremely limited supply and the expertise required to handle these goods , finding Argyle diamonds is almost unheard of.

However, a company I work closely with specializes in making these products.

argyle diamond investments Company is a distinguished participant in the bidding activities that can only be participated by invitation. In the past few years, they have won many diamonds from tenders.

argyle diamond investments won 26 Pink diamond last year. I am very happy to hear that they have won the first internally flawless pink diamond offered in the past 20 years this year !

If you, like most people, are just starting to look for or buy a diamond ring, you may be curious about the average size of diamonds on an engagement ring .Perhaps you are just curious about the average carat size (and the corresponding cost) and prepare for a budget.In either case, the answer will be announced immediately, and we will further analyze the answer. More importantly, you will also find tips on how to choose cost-effective diamonds .

How big is the diamond on an engagement ring?

Simple answer: 1.0 carat is considered the average weight of diamonds on an engagement ring in the United States.I need to emphasize that this is a statistical average . In real life, some people buy a 0.3-carat diamond (below average), and some people buy a 3-carat diamond ring (above average) .

If you are not in the United States, don't worry, I will talk about it too.We have compiled a table that reveals the average size of diamonds on engagement rings in different regions . For comparison, I also added the average cost of engagement rings.

Average carat size-what you need to know

As stated in the table above, the average carat size on an engagement ring varies from country to country . What's more interesting is that the average carat weight also changes with local development.

Generally speaking, the higher the individual's disposable income and the higher the salary, the more he is willing to buy larger stones . This phenomenon can be interpreted as: Compared with small cities (such as Nebraska), people in large cities (such as New York) can have more money to buy luxury goods. I would also like to emphasize the consumption of Pink diamond jewellery in the emerging Chinese market. Although the vast majority of marriage proposals do not have diamond rings, diamond ring marriage proposals are definitely a trend.

I firmly believe that the overall diamond sales and sales volume will soar as people become more and more wealthy.


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