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Wedding rings Lovers usually choose a wedding ring according to their character, budget and duration. Wearing the ring on a daily basis inevitably means some wear and tear, so you should choose something that will last a lifetime. However, the actual choice of a ring often depends on whether lovers prefer the same rings or whether the bride's ring must match the engagement ring.

The ring symbolizes the couple's love and commitment to each other. It confirms the marriage ceremony and formalizes the loving relationship. Of course, this is all traditional and does not legally depend on wedding rings.

1. What does the bride do with her engagement ring on the day of her marriage?

This is a completely personal choice and preference, but there are some suggestions:

• The bride can ask her bridesmaid to wear her engagement ring until the end of the wedding ceremony.

• The bride can hold the Wedding rings in the other hand until the end of the ceremony. In that case, make sure your fiance knows which finger to put the wedding ring on. Don't get confused, thinking that the right hand is the hand of the wedding ring, because he sees the engagement ring in that hand :)

• Depending on how it fits, the bride can leave her engagement ring where it is and change the place of the ring if it needs to be moved, after the ceremony.

• Finally, the bride can take off her Wedding rings for a while until the groom puts her wedding ring on the bride's finger, but here the fingers may be swollen with anxiety and the ring does not want to come off :)

2. Which finger is the finger of the ring?

According to Western traditions, a wedding ring is worn from the little finger to the next finger.

3. Which ring goes first?

Traditionally, a Wedding rings is worn on the finger before the engagement ring. A theme ring usually goes "on" the wedding ring.

4. When does the bride wear gloves?

If the bride wears gloves and also her engagement ring during the wedding ceremony, the stone of the engagement ring may be too large. In this case, it is recommended to turn the engagement ring down with a stone, in your hand, so that the wedding ring fits better.

If the rings are changed during the wedding ceremony, the bride removes her left glove and hands it to the bridesmaid. The groom then puts the ring on the bride's finger, after which the glove is placed again.

5. How do the rings get to the church and who will take them?

The man is usually responsible for the rings. In some cases, the bride may ask her bridesmaid to hold the groom's ring, but traditionally the man holds both.

6. Who keeps the rings until the wedding day?

This is a completely personal choice. The couple can leave the rings in the safe or keep them in a special place until the wedding day, when the man keeps them.

7. Who is the Bearer of the Ring?

The Bearer of the Ring is usually a young boy aged 3-9 who wears Wedding rings attached to a pillow in front of the church altar for a ceremony. Wearing rings on pillows is a very old tradition dating back to Egyptian times, where gold and silver were presented on a pillow.

If you are afraid that your Wedding rings may be lost, you can have your father hold the real rings and have the child wear "toy rings". If you let your child wear rings, have them given to them just before they play their "role." The probability of something happening is small in this short time :) And make sure that the rings are attached to the pillow. This is usually the responsibility of the father.

8. What is the procedure without the Ring Bearer?

In this case, the man wears rings in the pocket of his suit.

9. Do everyone wear their wedding rings after marriage?

In the past, many men did not wear their wedding rings because in some workplaces that required the use of technology and other sophisticated tools, the ring could be dangerous. Today, the bride and groom can leave their wedding rings at home if jewelry is not allowed at their workplace. Also, if a woman's ring is very delicate and expensive, she can only wear it on special occasions.


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