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Wedding rings Lovers usually choose a wedding ring according to their character, budget and duration. Wearing the ring on a daily basis inevitably means some wear and tear, so you should choose something that will last a lifetime. However, the actual choice of a ring often depends on whether lovers prefer the same rings or whether the bride's ring must match the engagement ring. The ring symbolizes the couple's love and commitment to each other. It confirms the marriage ceremony and formalizes the loving relationship. Of course, this is all traditional and does not legally depend on wedding rings. 1. What does the bride do with her engagement ring on the day of her marriage? This is a completely personal choice and preference, but there are some suggestions: • The bride can ask her bridesmaid to wear her engagement ring until the end of the wedding ceremony. • The bride can hold the  Wedding rings  in the other hand until the end of the ceremony. In that case, make sure your f