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How can IOT home automation help fight viruses in your home?

In this article we will analyze in depth how home automation can help fight against corona virus and possible future viruses in our home. With this article it is my little way of contributing a grain of sand to society to fight the corona virus in an active way from home automation. But if anyone wants to contribute new ideas or has any questions, please leave me in the comments, it all adds up.

Clarify that this entire article is based on IOT (internet of things) products that you can buy on the internet through Amazon or other platforms that are currently working in this crisis, distributing to homes for a very low price and you can install it yourself, without too much complications, since they are products designed for the end consumer categorized as DIY (do it yourself - do it yourself).

Therefore we will be based on the three main systems that currently exist for the Internet of Things, which are:

Amazon Alexa

Google Home

Apple Homekit

Since with these three we cover all audiences and because of their great utility, since all three include voice assistants that we will see later how effective they are for this fight.In the same way, in future articles we will also study how to fight against corona virus with professional home automation, since its potential is much greater and you can take actions of greater complexity and therefore a better result.

But the most important thing and my great intention right now is to help the greatest number of people. So that consequently anyone can do it at a low price, in a very simple way and with accessible products to buy right now.

How will home automation fight against the corona virus in our home?

You will undoubtedly see here exposed how the technology currently developed can be of great help to you in the fight against corona virus, both actively, passively and psychologically. For this, this post will be based on 4 points:

Touching as few things as possible to avoid spreading the virus.

Elimination of the virus.

Psychological help.

Help the elderly.


One of the great problems of the coronavirus is that it remains on surfaces such as plastic for up to 72 hours and 48 hours on metal, 4 hours on fabrics according to the data they provide.

Therefore we will use home automation to touch the minimum possible elements of our home that are made with these materials, and that we constantly use as switches, remote controls, access doors, etc., since we can come from the contaminated street and touch some elements and inadvertently spreading the virus through our home or touching an element that contains the virus that is inside and spreading it everywhere.

To achieve the minimum possible contact, we will convert these traditional elements such as switches, remote controls, doors, etc. of our home in smart. So once we have made our elements smart, we will use voice assistants such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple Homekit, to give voice commands and not touch any of these elements.

In the same way, we will use sensors of all kinds, such as movement, doors and windows, presence, vibration, etc., to activate or deactivate the elements that we have automatically made intelligent. Having said that, we are going to analyze which elements of our home we can make smart and their different possibilities, I will put examples of products that seem more interesting to me for value for money:


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