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Wine Label Design Development: A Look Into The Past

Chateau Haut-Brion has been producing wines since the 16th century. And for many years now, the label has one and the same image - a building from the estate, in which this chateau is located. In our time, the design has practically not changed: all the same, this Gothic building adorns the wine labels , revealing to the buyer a history of several centuries. Undoubtedly, this brand has a solid reputation. Each manufacturer has its own priorities in the design of the wine bottle. Someone focuses on history and time-honored quality, like Chateau Haut-Brion, while other wineries have beautiful design solutions to attract the consumer.These wine bottles clearly have a noble purpose - to remind the buyer of the Baroque era, when delicate lace, curls and such modest gilding were in fashion. The  wine labels   and container designer Millesime chose a different path - no patterns, but the relief of the form, as if it were a polished ebony figurine. The matte finish contrasts beautifully with t

Tuning Motorbike Spares Your Motorcycle For Maintenance

From   motorbike spares   we want to give you a series of basic tips to be able to correct those small faults that can occur in your minibike. As you already know, these vehicles require periodic maintenance . Although with a little knowledge of basic mechanics, or a little help, it will not be difficult to control. It is true that these leisure vehicles, due to their use, receive excessive treatment. Logical and normal when it comes to pocket bikes made for the use and enjoyment of the little ones. Categorization motorbike spares Maintenance. One of the key elements for the set-up of our motorcycle is undoubtedly the carburetor. So are the air filter and spark plugs. Ensuring that the mixture of air and gasoline is done correctly and in the exact proportions is essential for the maintenance of our vehicle. Before caricaturing an engine, we must make sure that it is at its normal temperature. This means that it cannot be too cold or too hot. Therefore we will choose a day that is not v

How can IOT home automation help fight viruses in your home?

In this article we will analyze in depth how home automation can help fight against corona virus and possible future viruses in our home. With this article it is my little way of contributing a grain of sand to society to fight the corona virus in an active way from home automation . But if anyone wants to contribute new ideas or has any questions, please leave me in the comments, it all adds up. Clarify that this entire article is based on IOT (internet of things) products that you can buy on the internet through Amazon or other platforms that are currently working in this crisis, distributing to homes for a very low price and you can install it yourself, without too much complications, since they are products designed for the end consumer categorized as DIY (do it yourself - do it yourself). Therefore we will be based on the three main systems that currently exist for the Internet of Things, which are: Amazon Alexa Google Home Apple Homekit Since with these three we cover all audienc

Why should we avoid parallel connection for Battery Systems?

Sometimes, many of us consider when we fall short with a certain battery bank, add units until we have a sufficient power reserve for our needs. This seemingly innocent process can be very expensive. And this because we say it? Very simple, you have to avoid at all costs making parallel Battery Systems . In a perfect theoretical electrical system there would be no problem, but this does not exist in real life. Batteries connected in parallel or series-parallel initially do not give any problem, but after a period of operation, and if it is intensive, after a few weeks the evidence of the faults that are generated begins to be appreciated : - The load is not uniform . They go from being unloaded to being almost fully charged with an abnormally fast speed. This occurs because one of the batteries in the bank offsets the power reading made by the inverter / regulator. - The capacity that we appreciate for its operation is lower than it should be . The typical question of: 'if I have

Business accounts fragmentation in order to apply special regime

It is proposed to divide the Business accounts into several organizations. One company operates on the main taxation system, the second can be formalized as an individual entrepreneur on a simplified basis. By transferring calculations to individual entrepreneurs, the company will pay less to the budget, since the rates are lower. According to the documents, the organizations operate as two separate firms and pay a small tax. However, they are actually one company and must pay tax under the general system. In accordance with the definition of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation of 05.06.2017 N 302-KG17-2263 , such activities indicate the creation of a legal entity in order to reduce the tax amount without the purpose of conducting actual business activities. To identify such a tax evasion scheme, inspectors conduct an inspection. Typically, in divided organizations, employees do the same job, tax and  Business accounts  are kept by the same people, and a single supplier supplie

Electrical Solution in the house

In this article we will focus on the design and installation Electrical Solution in the house , the cottage, cottage, country house, etc. You will find answers to many common questions, for example, how to correctly complete a home power supply project  , connect a cable line to a power line support, design and install electricity metering and distribution boards, how to determine the estimated power consumption and choose protective devices, lay  electrical wiring in the house , install sockets and luminaires, perform a ground loop and a potential equalization system and much more.  The information will be useful for designers, installers, students of educational institutions, people who are fond of electrics who want to understand the essence of the process and take part in the design and installation of electrics in the house. You don't have to read a lot of literature, because I will try to outline the basic materials that are really useful and useful briefly and without unnec

Home automation using the example of the BeNext system.

Home automation in modern conditions is an extremely flexible system that the user designs and configures himself, depending on his own needs.  This assumes that each smart home owner decides which devices and where to install and what tasks and how they will perform. There are now many offers on the market for the installation of turnkey multifunctional elite systems.  But, firstly, they usually have a high price, and secondly, they are closed systems that do not allow adding third-party devices. Our task is to find something budgetary, with the ability to independently configure the system and add new devices, without involving qualified specialists. As a result of the search and comparison of available technologies, the  Z-Wave technology  turned out to be the most suitable for the required criteria   .  She is the market leader in Do It Yourself (DIY) systems.  Exactly what is needed! Z-Wave Home Automation The main element of a smart home automation is the controller, this is the

Differences between ducted and split air conditioning

Both ducted air conditioning and the Split system (or its multisplit variant ) allow us to effectively air-condition a home or workspace, but both systems have important differences that distinguish them in their specific use. It is evident that a single split unit will not serve to air-condition a house, so if we want to opt for this air-conditioning solution, we can install a multisplit , which covers all rooms by means of various split devices with the same characteristics. The great advantage of this system is that it allows us to air-condition the rooms we want using the same outdoor unit, which can be very economical. In the case of ducted air conditioning, we will have to face works to complete its installation, if we do not have a false ceiling in the house. In addition, we must take into account whether the home has the necessary requirements for its proper functioning. Of course, in return we will have a powerful and efficient installation, with an established air output po

Bathroom Renovation : How to optimize spaces

The  Bathroom Renovation  is an  essential utility  room  ,  for this reason when we decide to  renovate the bathroom  we must choose quality raw materials, which guarantee the duration of the bathroom over time. Having a project with clear ideas will make you realize what you want to change, and what style you prefer. To get clear ideas we have to make a list of the necessary material, so here is an indicative list that helps us: the sanitary workers; The shower cubicle or the multifunction shower cubicle; The shower tray or the bathtub  Drain channels;  Taps;  Shower columns;  The bathroom cabinet;  Shower head;  The heated towel rails;  The mirror;  Accessories; The choice of sanitary ware is an investment, because the quality we choose will save us in the future. The various models, of  sanitary design,  wall-hung or on the ground, toilet and bidet have a particular  anti-limestone treatment  that reduces the annoying problem of yellow limestone stains, made of quality ceramic, mak