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Why this process need Floor Sanding ?

Renovation and construction often requires sanding the concrete floor. It is carried out by removing the top concrete layer to improve the condition of the pavement in order to carry out further technological operations. With this operation, excess concrete dust during work can be avoided. The polished floor ensures reliable adhesion of the polymer coating to the concrete surface, increases its strength, environmental friendliness and safety for humans.

Where to use?

Concrete Floor Sanding can be done both for a new, just made floor, and for a floor that has already been used. After the completion of the operation, it is not necessary to re-pour the concrete, since the coating is ready for further operations and operation. This allows you to save on the installation of concrete screeds 
Renovation and construction often requires sanding the concrete floor.  It is carried out by removing the top concrete layer to improve the ..
  • For a new floor, such a technological operation is used to remove cement laitance that remains during production. This is necessary to improve the quality of the floor, since the top layer differs from the inner layer by its mechanical properties, which do not allow the penetration of polymer soils. Preliminary grinding of such a floor should be performed no earlier than 5 days from the date of completion of work with a concrete screed. The final phase can be carried out approximately 30 days after the final hardening of the concrete;
  • Over time, the top layer of the concrete floor loses its basic properties. Therefore, a polishing procedure is also required for the "old" floor. Removing the weakened surface layer will improve the condition of the concrete. Also, this operation is necessary to clean the floor surface from various contaminants that were obtained during operation, and the remnants of old coatings. 
  • It is interesting

    Many people believe that Floor Sanding technology is done to level the entire concrete surface. In fact, this is not the case. The sander will not be able to smooth out smooth changes in the waveform, because it moves along the surface. Due to this, it will be possible to remove only some irregularities (cement milk, ripples, small influxes, etc.). For customers who want to get the maximum result in the shortest possible time, we recommend using the concrete grinding service .

    How does concrete floor grinding and polishing work?

    Let's figure out how to work with a concrete floor:

    • Concrete floor grinding is the mechanical treatment of the floor (surface grinding) using the cutters of the mosaic grinder. As a result of this treatment, the coating is sanded to the depth of the main scratches and dents, the integrity of the coating will be restored and a certain shine will appear;
    • The concrete floor is polished using special sanding pads. They will help remove minor scratches left after sanding.
  • Renovation and construction often requires sanding the concrete floor.  It is carried out by removing the top concrete layer to improve the ..
    • Concrete grinding can be done in two ways:

      •  It is used for grinding non-uniform surfaces (arrangement of mosaic floors) or in rooms where the formation of concrete dust is undesirable, for example, in residential buildings. This is a rather laborious method of grinding, which is also inconvenient because the equipment (abrasive segments) must be changed very often. This is due not only to the abrasion of the segments during operation, but also to the fact that in order to achieve optimal results, it is necessary to use the entire range of nozzles, from the largest to the smallest. The difference in height during wet grinding should not exceed a certain value. Wet sanding is also applicable only if the coating is thick enough so that removing the surface layer does not damage the floor. Significant disadvantages of wet grinding: the formation of dirt in the process of work and large time costs for the process;
      • Dry sanding is more effective than wet sanding . Diamond cutters used in this method level the surface quickly and are much more economical than abrasive segments. After such an operation, you can immediately start working, the Floor Sanding does not need to be dried. The disadvantages include the formation of dust, but this problem is easily solved by using a vacuum cleaner and technical protection for the operator of the mosaic grinder.
      • Mosaic grinders are used for grinding concrete floors When choosing a mosaic grinder, you need to focus on the working conditions, the required power and performance, the available voltage in the network.

        The main element of the mosaic grinder is the grinding head. It consists of an electric motor and a two-stage spur gearbox. Traverses with abrasive equipment are fixed on the gearbox shafts. The degree of floor sanding smoothing by a mosaic machine depends on its type. Mosaic machines from different manufacturers naturally differ. Those who appreciate the quality of foreign technology should pay attention to the products of Husqvarna, HTC, Schwamborn. Equipment manufactured by Splitstone and Diam is in great demand in our country: according to many experts, they combine functionality and quality with an affordable price. For those who prefer economy-class grinding machines and do not pursue well-known brands, we can offer the products of the Belarusian MiSOM plant, the well-known CO series.


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