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Durable floor in garage, kitchen with satisfactory Tiling

When choosing the cladding of garages, shopping malls, restaurants, kitchens, or other large-concept rooms, we must carefully choose floor Tiling to obtain aesthetically and technically sound, durable cladding. It is recommended to choose a colored gres tile in its material so that our floor can withstand years.The AG plant, like many cold cladding manufacturers, is striving to meet the ever-widening customer needs of its customers. The unglazed, impregnated, gres-colored floor tiles of the Pimento fantasy name are perfect for both home and industrial use, both indoors and outdoors.

When choosing the cladding of garages, shopping malls, restaurants, kitchens, or other large-concept rooms, we must carefully choose floor

Their surface is matt, 30 * 30 cm, their raw material is stone porcelain (gres, ie sandstone ceramic), which due to its compactness has low water absorption, is extremely wear-resistant, solid, very hard and has the same material in its entire thickness. The Pimento floor Tiling are tinted in the material, there is no layer of glaze on them, so, although we have to compromise on the design, their durability and inter-court is outstanding.

In the production of gres floor tiles, the sandstone-based, special ingredients are ground to a fine powder and then further sprayed in a dryer to produce granules that are already suitable for compression. The color of the gres floor Tiling  colored in its material is given by the stone grind mixed into the special mass. The granules are pressed under enormous pressure, the air is “displaced” from the mass, and then it is again sent to a drying device, where the remaining moisture is also extracted from it. It is then placed in an oven and fired at temperatures above about 1200 degrees.

Durable floor in garage, kitchen with satisfactory Tiling

This is how the unglazed gres floor Tiling are made, which, thanks to the manufacturing technology, have a very high surface hardness and abrasion resistance, low porosity and outstanding frost resistance as well as high flexural strength.The industrial gres floor tiles of the AG factory are made of natur gres tiles, beige, and gray, so-called with poppy effect design. The Pimento industrial gres boards also include the R11 non-slip version, making them ideal for outdoor use and wet rooms.


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