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Durable floor in garage, kitchen with satisfactory Tiling

When choosing the cladding of garages, shopping malls, restaurants, kitchens, or other large-concept rooms, we must carefully choose floor Tiling to obtain aesthetically and technically sound, durable cladding.  It is recommended to choose a colored gres tile in its material so that our floor can withstand years. The AG plant, like many cold cladding manufacturers, is striving to meet the ever-widening customer needs of its customers.  The  unglazed, impregnated, gres-colored floor tiles of the  Pimento  fantasy name are perfect for both home and industrial use, both indoors and outdoors . Their surface is matt, 30 * 30 cm, their raw material is stone porcelain (gres, ie sandstone ceramic), which due to its compactness has low water absorption, is extremely wear-resistant, solid, very hard and has the same material in its entire thickness.   The  Pimento floor  Tiling  are  tinted in the material, there is no layer of  glaze  on them, so, although we have to compromise on the design,

Why this process need Floor Sanding ?

Renovation and construction often requires sanding the concrete floor.  It is carried out by removing the top concrete layer to improve the condition of the pavement in order to carry out further technological operations.  With this operation, excess concrete dust during work can be avoided.  The polished floor ensures reliable adhesion of the polymer coating to the concrete surface, increases its strength, environmental friendliness and safety for humans. Where to use? Concrete  Floor Sanding  can be done both for a new, just made floor, and for a floor that has already been used.  After the completion of the operation, it is not necessary to re-pour the concrete, since the coating is ready for further operations and operation.  This allows you to save on the installation of concrete screeds  For a new floor, such a technological operation is used to remove cement laitance that remains during production.  This is necessary to improve the quality of the floor, since the top layer diffe


Hello my nuts, I am meeting you again today to talk to you a little about  ethical  Engagement Rings  jewelry  , I will explain to you in particular how I found my  engagement ring  and what are the issues surrounding  the jewelry industry  .  So let's decipher the making of a  classic  engagement solitaire  in gold and diamond. CHOOSING AN ETHICAL ENGAGEMENT RINGs? And yes unfortunately, jewelry is no exception to the rule, there are few  ethical jewelry stores  nowadays  and therefore most  engagement rings  are not either.  Fortunately, as I explained in my previous article, it is a situation that Ben was aware when I made his  marriage proposal  and that is why we went together to  search my engagement ring  .  Finally, I really enjoyed this research and sharing these moments together, we learned a lot about jewelry, stones and minerals by learning.  I will try to explain all of this to you as simply as possible. CHOOSE A DIAMOND THAT IS NOT A BLOOD DIAMOND ... Have you seen th

Harvest your own roof for 8 years : Roof restoration

PV as an integral part of the design: "form follows function" When we designed our Plushuis in 2009, we took a very close look at the passive house principles.  That is, a compact design with as much glass as possible facing south, and as little as possible facing north.  Actually, we wanted a house with a flat roof.  This gives as much content as possible with the least possible use of building materials.  You can also "play" on a flat roof with the orientation of the panels. But we had counted well outside the Spatial Quality Committee!  This committee is popularly known as the "Welstand" and did not want to allow a flat  Roof restoration house here.  You should know that in this street that is called the Rietveldlaan (according to the architect) there were already 2 houses with a flat roof.  One as a copy of the iconic Rietveld-Schröder House.  The other as the secretary of the Welstand unambiguously expressed it "with the cheapest MBI vowels they